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Lishu Institute will offer deep levels of training to Western practitioners in the 9 Ways of Bon, Ma Gyud and Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud, as well as the Tibetan language. Our goal is to provide training for practitioners, future leaders and teachers to preserve and spread the Bön tradition in the West. Students are expected to be proficient in the English language since the training will be given in English.

We want this program to serve you, so we are asking for your input. This is not an application for admissions and your answers here do not impact your ability to participate. The purpose of this survey is to get a general overview of the interested sangha members’ preferences regarding all aspects of the courses of study. The feedback that will be received from this survey will directly effect the structure of the program.

The length of the programs, if taken as a full time residential training, is 3 years, so that 9 Ways of Bon, Ma Gyud and Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud would take one year each. The training will be offered in three or four 2.5 month blocks per year. Students, once accepted to the program, can take these blocks in any sequence with breaks in their attendance. For example, a student may only attend one 2.5 month block per year over a period of 6-8 years to complete the entire program.

Lishu Institute plans to offer three different and flexible ways to participate in the training program. Students can choose 1) residential training program that is given at Lishu Institute in India, which allows full time study and the fastest way to finish the training. It is also possible 2) to take the training mainly online with the requirement to participate in periodic residential practice retreats in one of the Ligmincha Institute’s retreat centres or at Lishu Institute. Furthermore, one can also 3) choose a combination of the residential training at Lishu Institute and the online training.
* Which one of these options would interest you the most? Choose your preferred option below.
Residential training at Lishu Institute
Online training with periodic residential retreats
Combination of residential training at Lishu Institute and online training
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